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August 22, 2011  |  by jess c  |  Buying stuff, Elephant Books & Coffee, Koh Lipe, Penang, Tastes, Thailand, Uncategorized

Alright, alright. We know. It’s been a minute since we’ve done any blogging here. As we mentioned last, we’ve kinda gone plum-crazy and moved to Thailand to live on a tiny island in the boonies, open a cafe/bookstore/bistro/bakery/internet shop, for which we — well, Nook (pictured below) and Yaman (pictured above) — are hand-making just about everything (furniture, walls, lighting, pluming,etc.), and Jess and I are hand sewing like 300+ cloth napkins and coasters (it ain’t easy being green) as well as cushion covers, and hand painting all our sinage, so that we can serve western-style food the ingredients for which are basically unavailable anywhere in South Thailand.

So, we’ve been a bit busy.

At the moment, we’re in Hat Yai, Thailand, buying things for the shop and will be heading back to Koh Lipe shortly. Where we still don’t have good internet. Because we are still forming our Thai corporation, to be called Elephant Empire, Ltd., and you gotta have one of those to get the internets. On the bright side, we’re no longer tourists. After a too-long visit to Penang, we are now officially Non-Immigrant B’s. Whatever that means. So, now legit, we head back to our little island, and sadly still will not be blogging much at least for the next few weeks.

But, we just couldn’t leave our brief moment of internet-having without sharing the picture below, which we took today at the Hat Yai Bakery Center.

It’s grain alcohol, and yes, those bottles are shelved together right next to one another. Really.

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  1. I’ve missed you guys! Hurry-up and get incorporated so we can continue living vicariously though Jess squared – not that you don’t have your hands full or anything :-) You guys are the best! Is there anything that us Staties can do to help ya’ll out, other than cook? (I’m a horrible cook, just ask my family.) Send books?

  2. OMG. WOW. HOLY CRAP. Amazing. U know I owned an independent used n new bookshop and cafe for years don’t you? If you think i might be able to help in any way let me know. Bravo to you both. How courageous!

  3. Oh Boy, a reason to shop! I am gonna start collecting dozens of little elephant statues and mailing them to you for the shop….you can fill up all the shelves the boyz are building…naw, just kidding.

  4. Again…congrats on the shop! How damn exciting…not sure about the “Black Cock”!!! Take care and keep us updated as to your progress…

  5. I love how the blog first entry was in frenzied anticipation of a lack of coffee. And now you’ve opened a coffee shop. Classic!

  6. I am already craving Thai styled Western food. Like Mex-Tex. You can have We-Thai until you get Wi-Fi. Looking forward to you all getting back on-line.

  7. Best random pic ever!

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