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The Road So Far: Thailand, February 2011

For our fellow wanderers, or for those of you who are just looking for ideas about where to spend this year’s vacation, here’s a summary of where we went in Thailand in February 2011, the towns and surroundings, the places we stayed, and some of the highlights from each place, as well as bits of practical info like prices and websites. Check back at the end of March for our adventures in Malaysia.


Sippin' a Long Island Iced Tea at Rambo's Bar, Koh Lanta. Life is sooooo good.

Stayed at: Lanta Nature Beach Resort.

Cost per night: $25 total for an en suite bungalow (very near, but not on, the beach) with two twin beds and aircon.

Accommodation highlights: Rambo, the namesake bartender of the resort’s Rambo’s Bar, who serves up a cold beer, and really gets his boogie on as nightly DJ. Iced coffee. On site massage services.

Island highlights: Walking on the deserted beach at dawn. Fun beach puppies and cute kitties. Lanta Old Town (pictured at top of this post). Eating dinner on the beach, toes in sand, at sunset. Meeting cool fellow travelers (Hi Colin!).

Random observations: Koh Lanta is very, very popular with Swedish travelers.

For more pictures of Koh Lanta, click here.


Sunset at Koh Jum

Stayed at: Joy Bungalows.

Cost per night: $18 total for an en suite bungalow, no electricity (paraffin lamps at night), mosquito net, king size bed, several rows back from the beach.

Accommodation highlights: See post.

Island highlights: Delightfully laid back vibe, the people (really, we can’t emphasize this enough). Ban Koh Jum (the main town). The view from Koh Jum Resort’s restaurant. The pizza at Joy restaurant. Monkeys eating unripe cashews in the trees and throwing the rinds at you. Motor-scooter taxis (with top-notch drivers). The food at Bo Daeng (not to mention the Sea Gypsy show). The beach, the water, the beach. Did we mention the beach?

Random observations: Most of the shops in Ban Koh Jum have birds in wooden cages out front, and while we asked about it, we were never able to get any kind of comprehendible (for us anyway) explanation of why.

For more Koh Jum pictures, click here.


Beach at low tide, Koh Yao Noi

Stayed at: Sabai Corner Bungalows.

Cost per night: $33 total per night for a tree house bungalow, with “attached” open-air bathroom and a double bed with mosquito net.

Accommodation highlights: Penis art. Snake art. Salma, the manager who comes and sits with you to chat. Italian food in the restaurant.

Island highlights: Wonderful views of the karst formations offshore. Beachside dining at Pyramid Bar.

Random observations: Did we mention the penises and the snakes?

For more pictures of Koh Yao Noi, click here.


Statute of Buddhist monk, outside of Phuket Town

Stayed at: Phuket Backpacker.

Cost per night: $27 total for an en suite room with two twin beds (in the new building), with aircon. No frills but very clean.

Accommodation highlights: Bar downstairs has a fun vibe and you get vouchers for free beer. Laundry and internet services available on site. Good location in the old town district. Mint, who works the reception desk.

Island highlights: We were only here for two nights, so we just explored the Phuket Town area, but the old Cino-Colonial architecture is very lovely. Exceptional Mutton Roti at Abdul’s. Walking around Phuket Town. Getting outstanding, if a bit painful (in a good way) $3 Thai massages from blind masseurs. Crazy cool rain storms.

Random observations: If a taxi driver offers to give you a tour of the sights for only $50 baht (USD $1.50), don’t be surprised if the tour begins with a stop at the local jewelry store or a trip to the butterfly garden. The taxi drivers get paid to take you to these places. It’s all very polite and frankly a cheap way to see some sights (temple with big gold Buddha and other statutes, one pictured above, was a lovely stop off), but once they drop you off at the cheap outdoor market that you asked to see, just know that they won’t be coming back to pick you up as they said they would. Also, the “h” in Phuket is silent.

Next month: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and other destinations in Malaysia yet to be discovered.

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  1. I absolutely love the blog and pics! I’m pleased that y’all are having so much fun. When I’m done with the adult film industry, or vice versa, I’m retiring to Thailand. Safe voyages, you krazy krackers!

  2. Hey thanks for the mention and hello to you too!

    Pictures look great! Keep the awesome stories coming.

    “Koh Lanta is very, very popular with Swedish travelers” – you forgot to mention how often the female Swedes tend to go topless… just sayin :)

  3. You two doing OK out yonder post Japan earthquake? Just thinking about you. Hope all is well!

    PS – Awesome pics. Love the review on the areas you’ve visited thus far.

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