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Thailand: A Snack Retrospective
March 10, 2011  |  by jess m  |  Snack Retrospectives, Tastes, Thailand

Whenever we travel, Jess C likes to play a game I call, “that’s disgusting, eat it,” where she scours the shelves of mini marts and buys the most repugnant snacks available, and then makes us eat them. And I figured since she was inflicting this little game on me, I would inflict it on you.

The absolute winner for most disgusting snack of the country was Alaska Cool Crab chips. Eating them was a little bit like consuming very old dried crab mixed with a menthol cigarette. Yummy.

So below is every revolting snack we tried in Thailand, plus a few we actually enjoyed. If you’re eating something while reading, I suggest you wait until you have fully digested to view.

Crab Menthol Chips. Complete with synthetic minty burning aftertaste.

Strawberry cake. In a bag.

Sesame Seaweed Carada Nuggets. We still don't know what a Carada is.

Dried Pea Sticks. The pea on the bag was happier than we were.

Mediterranean Crab Curry chips. Crab Curry is HUGE in Cannes.

Jackfruit Cake. Yup.

Seaweed chips. Delicious. Who knew??

Some kind of Meat Barbecue flavored chip. Meat flavored.

Korean Chicken flavored Drumsticks. Better than they sound. A little.

Lobster BBQ. They had ridges.


Mystery Chips. We think they were lime.

Bakery Balls. Cream puffy goodness.

Crispy Vanilla Flavor Snacks

Curly Things. Apparently potato in origin.

Squid Chips. SQUID CHIPS.

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  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I think to make a chip that tasted like Squid lol! Ladies you have taken adventurous to a whole new level

  2. wow, thanks for adding some gastronomic humor to my morning!

    bakery balls.. seriously? lmao

  3. i live for salty snacks…correction…may never eat one again. seriously, how could you do this to our snack chip industry.
    you may have a great show on your hand. “That’s Disgusting, Eat It!” I would tune in.
    Keep the fun coming.

  4. Jackfruit? Do I want to know?

  5. Hey, this broad stole your idea and did an article in the Huffington Post! How dare she! You should send Arianna your blog link!

  6. Squid chips. Why. WHY??? (Bile coming up…)

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