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“Sak” means “Tattoo” in Thai
March 25, 2011  |  by jess c  |  Koh Lipe, Thailand, Things to do

It all started seventeen years ago in a little place called Montgomery, Alabama. I was there doing my Div III (undergrad thesis for you non-Hampshire folks) field research, and my friend Amber had graciously come down from Chicago to save me from the boredom of my Deep South existence. As will happen when you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, we decided to get tattoos. From a guy named Rat.

As will also happen with the passage of time, the tattoo had gotten a little, shall we say, less pretty over the years.


Was that supposed to be a... vine? Leaves maybe?

So, a couple days ago, Jess and I found ourselves with a rainy day on Koh LIpe. Fortuitously, our bungalow resort (called Lipe Beach Resort) is also home to the talented Mr. Hund, tattoo artist extraordinaire! You can probably guess what happened next. If you’re stumped, though, fear not. Jess M fully documented the whole thing in photos.

Mr. Hund, the master at work.

It's worth noting that while I was comfortably seated on a cushion on the floor, Mr. Hund was perched on top of one of those Thai triangle bolsters the entire time.

In fact, I think this may well be the most thoroughly documented tattoo ever.

Not gonna lie. It hurts.

Joe, one of Lipe Beach Resort's owners, stops by for a consultation.

I should mention at this point, for the benefit of our parental-types, that both the needles and the ink were brand new, and that the equipment was all fully sterilized.

Sterile, clean and very professional.

The whole process took about four hours, start to finish, and provided a good amount of entertainment for others who were also whiling away the rainy day.

At one point, a group of local high school kids stopped by to watch the action.

In addition to making my old tattoo look new again, Mr. Hund also added new lovely detail and color. Including some cute new blue flowers.

Taa-DAAAA! From Alabama to Thailand, now suai maak maak again!

No, he didn't sign the work, but I think he kinda wanted to!

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  1. Hi Jess, When I scrolled down to the last picture of you and Mr Hund, I gasped. He looks so much like Jason. Whew.

    Tattoo is beautiful, but I advise that you stop there just because you are going to be old some day with wrinkles, and gravityskin…and because I’m your old-fashioned Dad.

    Love you, Dad

    • Thanks dad! And yes, Mr. Hund does look a lot like Jason. And thanks for letting me know about “gravityskin”… something to look forward to. :(
      Love you!!

  2. Beautiful! A well-deserved refresher.

  3. Lovely–I think????

  4. I like it, a lot! I love the pretty little blue flowers. Thanks for clarifying that everything was sterilized. I hate to admit my first thought / question about getting a tattoo in Thailand was, “Is it safe?”.

    • Me too. But you know, as it turns out, it’s really the same as at home. You just have to check the needles and equipment yourself before you start. Plus, here, I had a lovely view of the beach while I was getting it!

  5. You two are having way too much fun! The tattoo is beautiful.

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