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Malaysia: A Snack Retrospective
March 26, 2011  |  by jess m  |  Malaysia, Snack Retrospectives, Tastes

Finding snacks for the Malaysian installment of “That’s Disgusting, Eat It” was not a challenge. It’s no surprise that in a country that considers Frog Porridge a national delicacy we would find the most repugnant snack to date.

Cuttlefish Chips.

Just opening the bag filled our room with the foulest odor, like ten thousand fish washed ashore on the beach and spent three days rotting in the sun. They tasted exactly like that too. We had to open the windows. And brush our teeth.


The cuttlefish Chip. Oh the smell...

A man in Little India told us we had to try his homemade Coconut Moonshine.

It tasted exactly like fermented ass.

Baby Flavored Chips!! Turns out they were actually Fish Sauce and Yellow Dahl flavored chips. Hard to say which would have been more delicious.

Coconut water. Poured straight from the freshly machete'd coconut into this handy to go cup.

Peanuts. Covered in some kind of mysterious yellow "crunch."

Mmmmmmmmmm. Street food samosa.

Corn Bun. Look how happy the bun is on the package. Apparently he didn't realize that he was a hot dog bun filled with the sweetest creamy CORN FILLING on earth. Nothing to smile about there.

Fish Donuts. From KFC no less. Colonel Sanders is rolling over in his grave right now.

Pink wine! In a can!!!! How's that for classy?

Chicken flavored Corntoz. Toes DO taste just like chicken...

Assorted sweets from an Indian bakery. They were all so beautiful. One looked just like a perfect apple. And SO DELICIOUS. Couldn't tell you what any of them were.

Fudgeez. Apparently shoving disgusting cream filling into an even more disgusting hot dog bun is the Malaysian national past time.

Pickled Sour Peaches. Pickled fruit. In a bag.

Grass Jelly Soda. I assure you that you have all of the same questions that we do about this one.

Kaya. More stuff shoved into more buns. We think Kaya is some sort of fruit. We think.

Tiger cookies. They tasted exactly like a Nutter Butter, if you added plastic "chocolate" and put them on chalk instead of cookies.

Sugar Crackers. I kid you not, these are Salteen Crackers with granulated sugar on top. Unexpectedly delicious. Or our standards have sunk. Hard to say for sure.


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  1. OK!!! It really scares me that you knew the Coconut Moonshine, and I quote, “tasted exactly like fermented ass”! Just what the hell are you two eating over there!!?????

  2. OMG!!! I was laughing so LOUD and heartily that I woke up my 22-yr-old son, and that’s hard to do!!!

  3. am loving these food pictures with facial reactions. very fun. keep it coming.

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