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Force of Nature
March 28, 2011  |  by jess c  |  Koh Lipe, Thailand

We’re really not religious people. But, we’ve had to admit that the amazing, awe inspiring natural beauty we’ve encountered so far on this trip creates more than a little suspicion about the existence of the divine. And the wrath. Here are some of the storms we’ve seen roll in since we’ve arrived on Koh Lipe.

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  1. AWESOME!!!

  2. I like this issue of your blog best, so far. How much would I have to pay for one of those old wooden cutter boats? I wonder, live-aboard???

    I don’t know about the divine. I do know,though, that there is no wrath in nature! Interpreting nature’s changes as wrath, assault, evil, aggressive – or just ascribing intention to her movements – is one of the tools that humans use to discredit “her”. It contributes to our tendency to believe that “she” is out to get us somehow; therefore, she must be overcome, overpowered, held in check. This mentality produces lousy envionmentalists. AAAAA….MEEENN.

    • The “wrath” part was really just wordplay, but yes, it’s not a vengeful nature. As for the possible divine, though, I think that if you attribute happenings to such things, there’s plenty of evidence of wrath in the world.

  3. Joe, you missed your calling–never to late to become an evangelist :-) At least you got the her part right :-0:-0

  4. Jennie Lindstrom


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