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Fire Show Groupies
April 6, 2011  |  by jess c  |  Koh Lipe, Places we love, Thailand

We’re not entirely sure how it happened, but it did. We’ve become fire show groupies. Like, “dude, that second set tonight was killer” groupies.

After two weeks on Lipe’s Sunrise Beach, we decided we wanted a change of delightful scenery, so we moved from our beachfront bungalow there to an almost-beachfront but oh-so-much larger bungalow at Forra Bungalows on Lipe’s Pattaya Beach. While bigger, our new digs are situated about twenty meters back from the beach, right between the restaurant-come-casino known as Coconut Kitchen (more to come in a later post on this), and the Peace & Love Bar.

As it happens, Peace & Love’s namesake owner, Peace, employs a gaggle of young men to wait on you. In addition, there are three nightly fire shows performed by fire-god Nook, and the still in training but painfully handsome, Bill. Go ahead ladies, take out your cougar claws. We did.



We’ve tried to do a little research into whether or not there are some traditional origins for the modern-day fire dances that you see on almost all the beaches in Thailand that we’ve visited. The best we’ve been able to come up with is that fire dance has been around for “many, many years.” Whatever it’s roots, you can’t walk down the beach here during the day without seeing young men practicing their routines.


Bill practicing The Dance.


We will admit to whiling away more than a few afternoon hours checking out The View.

But, not all fire shows are equal, and our boys are hands down the best. The difference? Swagger. And Nook has it in spades.

While its tempting to regard the fire show as a cheesy resort-gimmick, when done right, it’s actually a pretty virile display of manly prowess. Check out how close that fire comes to his skin.

We should note that when Nook is done with his performance, he then comes, still dripping in sweat and panting, to see if our drinks need to be refreshed. Again, feel free to get your cougar on (actually, it seems Nook has a bit of a crush on Jess M; she’s wisely decided not to dip her toes in the 23-year old waters under the banner of not shitting where you want to do your drinking… for now, anyway).


Nook. Being a tiger for the camera. A cute little 23-year old tiger. Grrrrr.

Bill admittedly has less swagger. But what he lacks in fire-handling technique (he’s only been working with the fire for three months!) he amply makes up for in beach-boy good looks and a shy, sweet disposition.

In truth, we’ve again been thoroughly taken in by the disarmingly open, gentle and friendly nature of the people we meet here. New friends abound. In a month, Nook and Bill will return to Satun on the mainland for a couple of months to spend time with their families, to bring half the season’s earnings home to their mothers, and to practice the fire dance…

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  1. My most fave post yet. Heart you two more than I could possibly express. Xo.

  2. Gotta love a man with a “Special” Talent–all 90 lbs of him :-)

  3. :-) Don’t get “burned.” Its just a Dad-message.

  4. For my money, I’d much rather have cuttlefish chips. That’s just me. I’m just sayin’.


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