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Cooking with Mama
April 12, 2011  |  by jess m  |  Cooking, Tastes

We have become friends with a wonderful couple, Yaad and Peace, who own Peace and Love Bar (home of the epic fire shows). We mentioned to Yaad (who we’ve taken to calling Mama) how much we love Papaya Salad, and the next night at the bar she handed us a plate of the most delicious Papaya Salad. It was perfectly balanced spicy sweet, sour deliciousness. They don’t serve food at Peace and Love. She had made it just for us.

As we sat and ate our emotions ran from wanting to cry because she is so impossibly sweet, to wanting to marry and spend the rest of our lives with that salad. After we regained our composure and told her that if we knew how to make Papaya Salad like that our lives may well be complete, she offered to show us how. Turns out that Yad’s favorite dish to cook is Chicken Red Curry, so she thought we should learn how to make that too. We struck a deal that we would pay for the ingredients, and she would teach us. A cooking class was born.

We spent the day learning about ingredients and technique, and laughing over a wonderful lunch. And at the end of the day, Yaad wouldn’t let us pay her for the ingredients. Teaching and sharing with us was something she wanted to do, as she put it, “for her good friends”. That killed us. Two days later it still makes us tear up.

We will give you the recipes over the next two days. And by all means make them. You won’t be sad.

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  1. Kathleen Baushke

    I have tears in my eyes reading this! What an incredibly sweet woman. I will watch for the recipes and I will make them. I wonder what Yaad would think of people on the other side of the world attempting to make her salad?!

  2. Recipes?! Yes, please!

  3. You know we’ll try it!

  4. OMG–how good does that sound. And the perfect Nova Scotia summer meal :-) Wonder if I can find papayas?

  5. Really, like you needed to make the rest of us even more jealous……

    Hope you are both well, sending you love and a huge hug!

  6. Mouth. Just. Watered.

  7. What a perfect little place on earth you’ve found! It’s the cherry on top with making such wonderful friendships with Yaad and Peace, not to mention the hot fire show boys. I can tell it meant a lot to Yaad to share her recipes and cooking for her new “friends.”

    So happy for you two!


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