“Sak” means “Tattoo” in Thai

It all started seventeen years ago in a little place called Montgomery, Alabama. I was there doing my Div III... Read More

I’m never bathing indoors again.

Our bathroom here on Koh Lipe is outdoors and completely open to the sky. The other night in the shower,... Read More

The Land of Smiles

We have never been so enchanted with a country and with its people as we are with Thailand. Since our... Read More

Blind Fish Reflexology

I think it’s a universally known fact that if there was some way for us to get massaged for 10... Read More

The Road So Far: Thailand, February 2011

For our fellow wanderers, or for those of you who are just looking for ideas about where to spend this... Read More

Thailand: A Snack Retrospective

Whenever we travel, Jess C likes to play a game I call, “that’s disgusting, eat it,” where she scours the... Read More

They didn’t put that in the brochure

It is sometimes the case that the pictures and descriptions of accommodations in guidebooks or on websites are, shall we... Read More

Finally. Someone feels the same way about peeing that I do.

If we’re being honest, Heaven might be a bit of an oversell. But they aren’t the worst we’ve seen,... Read More

And suddenly, we’re surrounded by penises

When traveling, and everything you look at is new and largely unfamiliar, it can be hard to really take in... Read More

O Joy, O Joy

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably spent a good many hours dreaming about idyllic tropical islands, with soft white... Read More
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