Alright, alright. We know. It's been a minute since we've done any blogging here. As we mentioned last, we've kinda... Read More

Yaad’s Red Curry Chicken

Here is how you make Yaad's Red Curry Chicken. The full recipe is below the pictures. Mmmm. Red Curry Chicken (Serves 2-4) Ingredients: Galangal,... Read More

Yaad’s Spicy Papaya Salad

Here's how you make Yaad's Spicy Papaya Salad. The full recipe is below the pictures. Enjoy. Green Papaya Salad (serves 2) Ingredients: Lime, 1-2... Read More

Cooking with Mama

We have become friends with a wonderful couple, Yaad and Peace, who own Peace and Love Bar (home of the... Read More

Malaysia: A Snack Retrospective

Finding snacks for the Malaysian installment of "That's Disgusting, Eat It" was not a challenge. It's no surprise that in... Read More

How easy you are to indulge in this heavenly flavour!

Hands down some of the cheapest entertainment we've had has been the mutated English we've seen on signs, menus, and... Read More

No one expects a silent “k”… or dessert squid… or yodeling… or line dancing.

One of the highlights we always look forward to in a new city is finding the local night market. A... Read More

A Naan is Born

We've eaten our fare share of naan in our lives. It always arrives all warm and bready, ready to sop... Read More

Thailand: A Snack Retrospective

Whenever we travel, Jess C likes to play a game I call, “that’s disgusting, eat it,” where she scours the... Read More
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