Our First Million

We made friends with a couple from Holland, Erik and Bettina, who are traveling in South East Asia for six... Read More

Because we are eleven year old boys…

Traveling like this really teaches you a lot about yourself and what you're made of. Probably the biggest personal revelation... Read More

Run for the Border

If you do much backpacking in Southeast Asia, you'll often hear--sometimes in hushed tones--people talk about making border runs. No,... Read More

Ok. We hate this bathroom.

Last night I snuck outside during a break in the rain to go to the bathroom, only to find this... Read More

When the dream bathroom isn’t so dreamy.

The thing about the perfect open air bathroom is that when it rains Wrath of God Rain for four days,... Read More

“Sak” means “Tattoo” in Thai

It all started seventeen years ago in a little place called Montgomery, Alabama. I was there doing my Div III... Read More

Just call her McGyver

The thing about epic heat and humidity is that it makes your sunglasses slide right off of your face. We... Read More

Indispensable items for round-the-world travel

Since we have such small packs, everything in there has to earn its keep. Below are the items that we... Read More

The Road So Far: Thailand, February 2011

For our fellow wanderers, or for those of you who are just looking for ideas about where to spend this... Read More

The Beginning

Thirty cubic liters is generally a void too small to spend much time contemplating. Certainly so living in the big... Read More
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