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Alright, alright. We know. It’s been a minute since we’ve done any blogging here. As we mentioned last, we’ve kinda gone plum-crazy and moved to Thailand to live on a tiny island in the boonies, open a cafe/bookstore/bistro/bakery/internet shop, for which we — well, Nook (pictured below) and Yaman (pictured above) — are hand-making just about everything (furniture, walls, lighting, pluming,etc.), and Jess and I are hand sewing like 300+ cloth napkins and coasters (it ain’t easy being green) as well as cushion covers, and hand painting all our sinage, so that we can serve western-style food the ingredients for which are basically unavailable anywhere in South Thailand.

So, we’ve been a bit busy.

At the moment, we’re in Hat Yai, Thailand, buying things for the shop and will be heading back to Koh Lipe shortly. Where we still don’t have good internet. Because we are still forming our Thai corporation, to be called Elephant Empire, Ltd., and you gotta have one of those to get the internets. On the bright side, we’re no longer tourists. After a too-long visit to Penang, we are now officially Non-Immigrant B’s. Whatever that means. So, now legit, we head back to our little island, and sadly still will not be blogging much at least for the next few weeks.

But, we just couldn’t leave our brief moment of internet-having without sharing the picture below, which we took today at the Hat Yai Bakery Center.

It’s grain alcohol, and yes, those bottles are shelved together right next to one another. Really.

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And sometimes you wander really slow…

We have been on Koh Lipe now for six weeks, and just did a border run so we can stay here for another two. We are so charmed by this island and it’s people that we truly don’t want to leave. Ever.

Our time in Thailand runs out on May 10, and after that we have to leave the country for three months. So there will be more wandering (and blogging) soon. But for now we have Koh Lipe, where our days are filled with riding boats, eating, swimming, reading, sitting and staring, learning and butchering the Thai language, and hanging out with the amazing friends we’ve made here.

We came here for one week and will stay for eight. We are more than a little smitten.

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