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Because we are eleven year old boys…
April 9, 2011  |  by jess m  |  Stuff For Wanderers

Traveling like this really teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re made of. Probably the biggest personal revelation we’ve had is that that we have the emotional maturity of middle school boys who just found their first Playboy.

Sorry about this one Mom. And Estelle.

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  1. Clearly I’m in the 11 yr old maturity club too, because I’m laughing and bickering tight along with you. Do hood to see & talk to you last night. I’ll try to catch you w Jackson do you can see him. Xoxoxo

  2. You’d be mad if they didn’t warn you about the snatch thief.

  3. Well, River (the adorable Sheltie) said to tell you that these are pretty amusing. But, you still haven’t caught up with the antique store sign that said “WE SELL DEAD PEOPLE’S STUFF” or the South Dakota towing company billboard that advertised “24 Hour TOE service”. Maybe his his travel log emails and your blog should have a contest. He could send you the pics, you could post them and let your fans vote–hah!

  4. Forget that astronaut stuff! I want to be a snatch thief when I grow up.

  5. AS old as that? I’m thinking 9-10.

  6. So *that’s* what’s going on; my snatch has been stolen. It all makes sense now. (??!)

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