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And sometimes you wander really slow…
April 27, 2011  |  by jess m  |  Koh Lipe, Places we love, Thailand

We have been on Koh Lipe now for six weeks, and just did a border run so we can stay here for another two. We are so charmed by this island and it’s people that we truly don’t want to leave. Ever.

Our time in Thailand runs out on May 10, and after that we have to leave the country for three months. So there will be more wandering (and blogging) soon. But for now we have Koh Lipe, where our days are filled with riding boats, eating, swimming, reading, sitting and staring, learning and butchering the Thai language, and hanging out with the amazing friends we’ve made here.

We came here for one week and will stay for eight. We are more than a little smitten.

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  1. I’ve been feeling so guilty for not emailing you about my favorite spots in Laos (everywhere!– esp the Gibbon Experience), and Bali (everywhere!) and Vietnam (everywhere esp. Dalat), but it seems like you’re not interested anyway! Good for you! Relax because you’ve totally earned it! Hooray!

  2. Hi Ladies,

    Can you send out more pics of Koh Lipe please, and not just the water. (How is it pronounced?)

    Give me three reasons why I should consider living there please.



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