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We’ll let you get to know us through this blog, if you don’t already know us well. For now, it’s enough to say that we are work-a-day refugees from San Francisco. A lawyer and a TV advertising producer, old college friends (how old, we won’t say), who after a decade of daydreaming about it, packed up all of our belongings into storage, and have begun to do what we love best: travel. Wander, really. Slowly. For a year at least, more if we can make it work.

“Wandering Slow” to us means many things, most of which we’ve yet to discover. So far, it means having the luxury to truly wonder what happens next. It means planning only as far ahead as is absolutely necessary. It means having the time and the freedom to experience the sounds, smells, tastes, sights and textures of what we encounter. It means traveling for traveling’s sake. We begin in Southeast Asia and India…we think…unless we decide to wander somewhere else. Stay tuned.

Oh ya, and we’re both named Jess. Say hi at

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