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Finally. Someone feels the same way about peeing that I do.

If we’re being honest, Heaven might be a bit of an oversell. But they aren’t the worst we’ve seen,... Read More

And suddenly, we’re surrounded by penises

When traveling, and everything you look at is new and largely unfamiliar, it can be hard to really take in... Read More

O Joy, O Joy

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably spent a good many hours dreaming about idyllic tropical islands, with soft white... Read More

Waterproof camera, yay!

We weren't so sure that bringing the underwater camera case that triples the size of Jess C's tiny tiny camera... Read More

Going Bamboo

It’s amazing how fast you adjust to things. One minute you’re living your cushy American life, and the next you’re... Read More

Gen-u-ine Diamantes

Diamantes is from some small island we couldn’t make out somewhere in Southern Greece. As it turns out he’s 40,... Read More

Hello world. Meet my underwear.

It’s amazing how quickly you cease to become self-conscious of hanging your underwear out in public. Back home at the... Read More
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