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Ok. We hate this bathroom.

Last night I snuck outside during a break in the rain to go to the bathroom, only to find this... Read More

When the dream bathroom isn’t so dreamy.

The thing about the perfect open air bathroom is that when it rains Wrath of God Rain for four days,... Read More

Force of Nature

We're really not religious people. But, we've had to admit that the amazing, awe inspiring natural beauty we've encountered so... Read More

If only there were puppies

It begins with waking up in your bamboo beach bungalow and stepping out onto the porch to a view of... Read More

Malaysia: A Snack Retrospective

Finding snacks for the Malaysian installment of "That's Disgusting, Eat It" was not a challenge. It's no surprise that in... Read More

“Sak” means “Tattoo” in Thai

It all started seventeen years ago in a little place called Montgomery, Alabama. I was there doing my Div III... Read More

How easy you are to indulge in this heavenly flavour!

Hands down some of the cheapest entertainment we've had has been the mutated English we've seen on signs, menus, and... Read More

I’m never bathing indoors again.

Our bathroom here on Koh Lipe is outdoors and completely open to the sky. The other night in the shower,... Read More

Just call her McGyver

The thing about epic heat and humidity is that it makes your sunglasses slide right off of your face. We... Read More

The Land of Smiles

We have never been so enchanted with a country and with its people as we are with Thailand. Since our... Read More
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